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In the event of booking a line up, evening, musician, poet or band through us, the following terms and conditions apply: 

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These are our terms of business, terms of engagement, and terms and conditions under which we will provide curation services (herein referred to as “Terms”). 

Any bookings, contracts or other arrangements negotiated through Brave Poets shall be subject to these Terms unless otherwise agreed in writing between all concerned parties. Failure to sign contracts does not constitute nonagreement with Terms, and verbal agreements followed by such Terms will remain in force. Commencement of booking of our services shall constitute acceptance of our Terms.

For the purposes of these terms “Venue” shall mean you as a booker, and in the case of venues, your venue and individual members of the your team including marketing, events and management.

“Artist(s)” shall mean a curated line up of musicians composed of members of the Brave Poets Collective as selected by Brave Poets founder. 

We have arranged advantageous rates for your Venue for the Artists on the agreement of a specified number of gigs. In the absence of a Force Majeure, any shortening of a series of agreed gigs shall be subject to an indemnity equal to the entire fee. Force Majeure shall be defined as an act of nature outside the Venue’s control which results in a performance being cancelled for safety reasons. 

We encourage any future bookings with the Artists and will do our best to facilitate any future bookings by recommending your team and Venue, but please note that our terms denote that such bookings must be made through Brave Poets, whether requested by the individual members of your Venue marketing/events/music/management team in alternative capacities whether acting for the Venue or in an individual capacity; breach of such term is subject to penalty of the greater of fifteen thousand pounds or ten times the value of the gig. 

“Named Venue” shall mean the institution making the booking.

On the rare occasion that the band or any member of the band is no longer available due to an unforeseen event outside our control (including quarantine), we will inform you as soon as we can and will endeavour to secure a replacement band or musician from our collective in good time.

Please note that any audio and/or visual recordings belong to Brave Poets and can cannot be sold, played or posted online subsequent to the event without prior permission.

Live streams are permitted but please check with us as to whether we are to be mentioned or not.

Artists are to be treated with respect before and during the performances. Any requests or suggested changes relating to the Artists’ performance or any other attribute of the event shall be directed to Brave Poets directly only. Breach of such terms can result in interruption or ceasing of the Service but liability for payment in full of the gig remains intact.

BravePoets does not accept any responsibility for any health & safety issues involving the equipment or the Artists. Any damage to the Artists, their instruments or our equipment that occurs on the premises of the Venue shall come under the liability of the Named Venue whose responsibility it shall remain to insure against such risk.

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